The Value of Human Relationships

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To my fellow Voluntaryists, independent thinkers, etc:

I'd venture to say that many (most?) people with a libertarian mindset tend to be more self sufficient than the average. Of course, this is mostly a "good" or useful thing. Unfortunately, I often see - going along with that mindset - is a bit of blindness for how useful relationships can be to us; how useful people are to each other, especially during challenging times.

For example, it is possible but extremely difficult for one person to have every item and skill they need to thrive in a SHTF situation. It's a similar argument to pro-specialization in a free market arguments.

To get more explicit / zoomed-in with a different example: In your neighborhood, are you better off knowing 1% or 100% of your neighbors? To me it is obvious, the closer to 100% you can come, the better. Of course, there are caveats like it's usually best to NOT share how much of what stuffs you have, because that route can make you a target. Be savvy with what you allow your neighbors to know about you. But also make sure they know you are not an unprepared leacher who could be looking for a handout if things get worse.

This applies to your closest relationships as well as your acquaintances and neighbors. If you are going to be couped up for long periods of time, you may want to have strong relationship skills!

Circling back to my main point: At a time when we are encouraged to "keep distance" from others, please don't let this increase your natural skepticism and self-reliance to the point where you have too little of the most vital resource; human relationships.

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