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Liberty Movement Radio was founded in 2012 by Eric Pitts at the height of the Ron Paul Campaigns for POTUS. We are dedicated to bringing you 100% Liberty supporting radio 24/7. 

What the Liberty Movement achieved in 2008 and 2012 was amazing! Help us keep it going, so our future generations can remember what really happened and what we all tried to change. 

Free Speech is a big part of what we are about. The 1st is the first for a reason. Tune in to our shows and follow us on networks like this and Facebook.

We look forward to bringing you great liberty minded content. We are supported by you so please give a like and a thumbs up. With your help we can continue to grow and expand our reach. 

 What do we support? Take a look at our core values below.


The core of our values here at LMR starts at the word Libertarian. 


We like to remind people of the golden rule. NAP - The Non Aggression Principle. 


We support a Free Market. (e.g.) using and exploiting of Counter Economics and Cryptocurrencies. 

 Our content is raw, independent and uncorporate. We have the news and views you can trust! 


Liberty Movement Fact: From 1989 to 2014 we raised Ron Paul a total of $85,766,933.
93% of $91,819,155 total funds raised during this time frame. 

Please Visit www.libertymovementradio.com & www.facebook.com/LibertyMovementRadio Today!


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Keep working, stop paying.
Rule by force is the problem.

Good luck you have my upvote!


Thank you Neil

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I hope that you do well here. I write about health freedom, specifically vaccines.


Thank you very very much for the suggestions and support. You rock!

nice post


Thank you for the comment!

I was delegate for Dr. Paul in 2012! Followed!


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Thank you for the comment

Followed! I used to live in Mobile and Tillman's Corner