Trump Tweets about Libertarians, Big Boost in Final Voting Moments

in #liberty2 years ago (edited)

I think this is a tactically significant moment for Libertarians.

Think about the context here. The data that I’m aware of shows that to the extent that Ls do pull from the Rs/Ds they pull pretty evenly. However, the Ds must believe that we pull harder from the Rs. Why would they think that? I would imagine part of the reasoning for that is because Republicans pay a certain amount of lip service to cutting taxes, free markets, constitutional restraint, small govt, etc etc.

This implies that they believe a significant portion of their base values those ideas. So in the eyes of the Democrats, we’re the same.

I mean how many times have you been told you are “A Republican that likes to smoke weed”?

On the flipside, the mainstream media as a business model in the internet age HAS to stoke the emotions of their readers to keep them engaged, and they gleefully do that. Their market share has been devastated by the internet. I’m sure that has nothing to do w the purge of the alt-media from social media who is openly enforcing the govt’s will through the atlantic council because the tech giants are private and totally separate from the state. But I digress.

Anyway, there is an argument to be made that they are so reliant on that model that they inadvertently gave the election to Trump in the form of over $1 Billion in coverage trying to bash him.

Google news “Trump Libertarian”. We’re getting national coverage because Trump was triggered enough to mention us in a tweet. He appears to be susceptible to the same thing that he did to the media.

I suggest we embrace the “spoiler” role and essentially play up our “Republican-hurting ability” to the Ds and strong-arm the Rs into either running much more libertarian candidates or joining us because theres not enough difference between the two to give a damn which one wins (legit liberty Rs notwithstanding). First of all, its true. But second of all, you can use the heightened emotions of the Rs to either comply or at least triggering the other 2 parties into giving us stories.

Thats my thoughts seeing this play out. Do you guys see where I’m going w this or am I off base?

Join the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus for more from Michael Heise here.


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