Haymarket Police Department Mandates Decals For Vehicles in Money-Making Scheme

in liberty •  8 months ago 


Does this sound like a money-making scheme to you? A police department buys .10 cent decals and then sells them for $15.

Except, no one wants to buy your crappy decals. So they threaten people (implicitly at the point of a gun) so they have to buy them.


Imagine being this Chief.

To say, "we've been tasked to enforce this ordinance" neglects your oath of office.

You're LITERALLY using the same Nuremberg defense logic as those Nazis who sent Jews to the gas chambers. Many of those defendants claimed that they were not guilty of the charges against them as they were "only following orders."

You have an oath of office for a reason. This is a money-making scheme that provides ZERO value to your residents in return.

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Not saying all cops are bad people; just that bad people make excellent cops; and good people make terrible cops.

I'll say it for you then, you can't be a cop AND a good person.