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in liberty •  9 months ago


There are businesses around which display support for Blue Line Gang molesters on their electronic signs. I'm glad to know what they support so I can spend my money elsewhere.


There are houses which fly the Blue Line Gang molester flag; the flag that declares that the lives of molesters are more important than yours or mine. I'm glad to know where these people live so I can avoid them and leave them to their heroes in an emergency.


There are cars driving around with stickers on them advertising their support for the molester gang. I encourage them to let themselves be known everywhere they go.

I'll always encourage the enemies of all that is decent to display who they are and what they support. It's helpful to know where anti-liberty bigots are.


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Thank you for your great topics
And your struggle for freedom

Great post and great awareness for the helping hands..thumbs up bro..@dullhawk

Okay well I don't even know how people can be so out of their mind. Molester lives matter but don't they think why molest in the first place?

THanks this is a great awerness post,personally i dont support,thanks for sharing your views.

Your thoughts are a lot better in consciousness. Go ahead.