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Yeah, this is how I do it. Frilly sleeve and all.

Want to really learn something?

Find something you care about and write about it. Don't worry that you don't know enough; be open and learn along the way. You can learn along with your readers, and they can help you understand things you might be missing.

When you discover a question, see if you can find the answer. Or an answer... or two.

I've found writing things down, to communicate them to other people, is about the best way to get the concepts clear in my own mind. It also helps me discover gaps in my own understanding which I can then fill.

It's not even necessary for other people to read what you write, although their comments can help you figure some things out.

It may not guarantee you'll get it right, but I'll bet you'll get closer that way than by just about any other way.

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Writing well forces a structure on your thougbts that can either reveal weaknesses or become a foundation for something else.

It works! Frustrated by the existing documentation (or lack thereof) of a web development framework that I was trying to learn more about, I ended up writing a book about it. Not only did I learn a whole lot about the framework in the process, my work has been of use to a small but growing number of other people investigating the system.


I find sitting and writing is hard sometimes. As it feels my mind works faster than I can form the written word.

Someone is always watching. Searching. The truth is out there.... I mean you know.

Great concept sir with your inspiration i will also start to write something sir.

Writing is a great habbit sir steemit has given that oppurtunity for us i am so glad about it sir.

This is awesome work sir writing is need to be done daily no matter what you are doing.

Ok sir i will try for it and thanks a lot for your suggestions sir.

Wow i agree with you sir and you have made us to think once again.


Wow i agree with
You sir and you have made us
To think once again.

                 - saikr

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