Why try to justify slavery?

in liberty •  7 months ago


Recently, on Quora, someone asked why anyone would be opposed to (government) research on "gun violence".

My response was that I'm against it for the same reason I'm against using stolen money ("taxes") to research ways to justify slavery.

I don't believe stolen money should be used for research of any kind. Ever. Nor do I believe anything can justify slavery/"gun control".

One guy replied that he is "pro-taxation and pro-research". I didn't read the rest of his response-- I didn't need to.

Admitting to be "pro-taxation" is shameful. What other types of slavery and theft does he support?

I'm not "anti-research", there are just some topics where research is pointless.

Nothing can give anyone the right or the "authority" to prohibit guns or to otherwise enslave people, so there's no reason to seek justifications for either act. The money thus spent is wasted, and the money was stolen to begin with.

I'm against this kind of "research" on principle, not because it is research, but because it can't tell me anything I need to know. But you know what does tell me something important? When someone admits supporting it.


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Great reply!, why should they research on "gun control" when they don't research on what they are doing which is even more important. They should start with researching on "bribery and corruption"


Government is inseparable from "bribery and corruption". Just like the mafia. It's working as designed.


The thing is, even if we grant them the presumption of governmental legitimacy, the question is absurd. The US CDC and other agencies are not barred from research, but from lobbying. They mischaracterize the status quo in their abject dishonesty as they seek more power as authoritarian busybodies.

In USA, can you say no to these taxes? I don’t know much about the political system of United States... Do the people allow the government to act or it is the other way around? In my socialist country we cannot complain, literally!


There are legal ways to say "no" to "taxes", and "illegal" ways. As there are everywhere. One legal way is to reduce your visible income to the point there is little to "tax". There are other things you can do, depending on your situation, but always remember, it's never wrong to keep your money from being stolen-- it is just sometimes dangerous.


I been filing taxes for the last 6 years. Reducing visible income is called Fraud and Tax evation, and quite possibly the worse advice to give. I hate paying taxes so I legally learn all the ways to "Avoid". Which you still report to IRS full income with the correct forms attached as why it should not be considered part of your income. Such as written expenses for small business or paying off student debt on individual tax form. And taxation on wages was considered theft until the Federal Act of 1913. Its been considered legal for over 100 years


Then reduce your actual income.
But, regardless, it's not ever wrong to hide money from someone who's trying to rob you. Yes, it may be "illegal", but not wrong in any way.


Thanks, I was wondering if there is something like Switzerland. There the legal way is to write a petition. I understand perfectly that grabbing my stuff without my permission is theft. It is a matter of logic, first we give power to a group to protect our property but what we do when this very group violates our property? That is taxation...

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