Whatever works?

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I'm always told that statism works, so I need to just go with it. Yeah?

I have no doubt that statism "works".

In the same way murder, rape, theft, etc. "work".

All those behaviors can get the bad guys what they want (at least in the short term) without relying on the voluntary cooperation of others (their victims). And, yes, if you are willing to act that way I am going to consider you one of the bad guys; no question about that.

The question is, why are you so willing to use archation to get what you want?

Do you not have good convincing reasons?

Can you not offer something worthwhile in trade?

In other words, why cheat? That's just pathetic.

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I'm just doing my job - is another favourite. A hitman is just doing his job.
The fact you're paid to do something doesn't define it as virtuous and noble.

my "job"....basically they are saying "I'm just doing what I was told to do by an authority, and I will not question it, and even if I do, it doesn't matter because I wouldn't be able to survive, as a job gives me money and my wife and kids loves that, so I'll just continue ".

I can't think of a more of low level excuse of being a human with this type of mentality.

Even here on Steemit, buying votes from bid bots "works," but it doesn't add value to the system. It's rent-seeking, not content creation and organic support. It only really works for the people selling votes.