Violators-- whoever they may be

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It doesn't matter if you call it government, a corporation, a gang, or an individual. The label doesn't matter. If it violates life, liberty, or property it is my enemy. Not by my choice, but by the violator's choice.

The problem is archation, not government. Government is simply a problem because it relies on archation for its existence. As do other illegitimate gangs and individuals.

This is the case for more and more "corporations" these days.

Whether you believe getting in bed with the State makes them subject to the limits imposed by the Bill of Rights or not, they are archating and they are a threat to your life, liberty, and property. has a recent article about these corporate liberty violators. And, just to be clear: anyone who makes it hard to exercise your rights-- or effectively impossible to do so in so many cases today-- IS violating your rights. They are in the wrong.

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