Toxic day

in liberty •  2 years ago 

Or, it sure feels that way.

I am very upset over the death of William N. Grigg. He is irreplaceable and was just a really good man.

Then, on top of that, I found out someone I care about has a (step)daughter who is becoming a cop- and while I tried to be nice in my response to the news, I probably wasn't. And the response I got back wasn't any better. They are "proud". You know how that situation looks to me. Such a tragedy and a wasted life. And you'd think people would know better.

So, yes, I am heartsick.



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Yeah, yesterday was a sucky day. I liked Will Grigg. And I caught that discussion about the future cop. Plus, I helped clean out a house of a recently deceased guy - while his daughter was there, overseeing. Too many downers for me. Today almost has to be better... :-(


Today wasn't much better. Old, raw wounds were opened again, with regards to my daughter's death- the guy who killed her with his car has his hearing Monday. My ex said we are allowed (?) to send letters to him. I just copied and sent the open letter I wrote to him back when it happened.
But it isn't something I like dwelling on.