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in liberty •  9 months ago


"The borders have just been closed." ~ Uttered by a nun to the von Trapp family in The Sound of Music

It wasn't said in celebration, but as evidence that the bad guys had done something evil. Something which would put the good guys in greater danger.

This is what borderists refuse to see. Those who "close" borders might fool you into believing it's to your benefit, but it isn't. It is a trap. A cage. Yes, it may keep some of "them" out, but it can also keep you in.


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But, but, but it's for your safety!

belive someone like close your eyes is not wise thing, we do the task what we can trust upon them.

Amazing posts sir you are a great inspiration,love your blog so much.

Great one @dullhawk carry on dear...

Awesome blog post sir really i loved it.

Best blog post i have read so far short but so effective.

Borders: Fine for your flower beds. Fine for your property line. Terrible if it's a government territorial boundary.Good fences may make good neighbors, but government barriers are barriers to liberty.

Your writting skills superb @dullhawk

hate bad guys and thier evil character,awesome post sir.

Awesome post, i love your blog.