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Statists make the absurd claim "Ignorance of the law is no excuse", but that's obviously nonsense. If you aren't aware of some random, arbitrary rule made up by some ethically empty control freak, how can you be expected to act counter-intuitively and "obey" it?

Only an idiot would expect that.

Ignorance of the "law" is normal, natural, ubiquitous (even by those who worship and enforce "laws"), and it is most definitely the best excuse.

I would turn the statist's claim around.

"The law" is no excuse to molest, kidnap, rob, and murder people. The "law" is never justification to archate. And anyone who believes it is is a nasty goon.


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Amen. No excuse for immoral behavior, none whatsoever.



The law is ignorant of your right to be ignorant.

Your words desire much praise. Those words possess the ability to convey your exact stance with the preciseness. I definitely feel the same... and have been told the same. It's all just a money trap for the government.

Government laws are just opinions backed by men with guns.

Nicely said. Statists are concerned with laws, freemen only care about justice.