The employer of the useless

2 months ago
60 in liberty

Due to my utter lack of marketable skills, all my life people have tried to steer me toward government "jobs".

Just out of high school, I even looked into taking the post office test before being told I wouldn't be considered for hire because I wasn't a "veteran", so there wasn't any point. I'm now glad I didn't.

Once, a friend tried to get me a job with the state parks department. It turned out the only thing the guy interviewing me was interested in was getting me alone in a tent- which I picked up on during the interview, so the proposed camping trip "to see what the job entailed" never occurred.

And, people have told me I should be a teacher or other things that generally end up being government "jobs". I won't consider it.

But I do find it amusing that being pretty much useless results in being told to get a job with government. It's safe. It's lucrative. And apparently, you don't have to be of any use to anyone to collect the check financed by theft.



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  ·  2 months ago

It irks me that the library is funded by taxation rather than voluntary means, but iot's one of the few government-ish jobs that actually serves a useful purpose despite being monopolized by the state.

  ·  2 months ago

I love libraries, but I hate that they are under the thumb of the State. Imagine how much more they could do if freed!