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in liberty •  9 months ago


Taxation is theft.

Taxation is theft.

Taxation is theft.

Taxation is theft!

I remember how I felt the first time I heard it. I was shocked. But then I tried to consider any possible way it might not be true. I never did find any flaws in the reasoning. Taxation IS theft.

It needs to be repeated until it is a cliche.

Until it is no longer shocking but is, instead, boring.

Until people who hear it roll their eyes, not because it's a crazy notion, but because it's something everyone simply knows already.


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i like this post.
your writing always great.
carry on.

True my friend tax stolen legally

Taxed on making it... taxed on spending it... taxed on holding it... taxed on what you own after you get taxed from spending it. This is taxing.

vander photography
But how else can we pay for our standing armies and foreign wars? Or our monarchs and presidents? Can you imagine a world without this?

I said it before and say it again:

"Statism is the stupidest religion/superstition"

Thanks a lot for writing about taxation,every government has its own law,need to see which country is going to benfit a lot.

Taxation,sir why government do such things,very much worried about what is going to happen.

Well this is the basics of modern society. We earn, we pay, we make government run, we make banks run. And we don't even realise what powers we have.

True scenario of the government now ..nice post..@dullhawk