Stop poisoning yourself first

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If you are taking a medicine that is poisoning you-- killing you, the smart thing to do is to stop taking it. Now!

There is nothing else you could do that will help you as much as this one simple act. No antidote, no alternative, nothing. Just stop ingesting the poison.

Don't wait until you find another medicine to replace it with. You can deal with that later, after you've stopped killing yourself. If you actually need something else. You may well discover you don't. You may find your problems stem from the poison you thought was supposed to help.

Well, the State is also a deadly poison, administered into your life through statism-- mostly of your own doing. You shouldn't wait until you find a replacement to stop ingesting more of it. Just stop. Now.

And, yet, so many demand a replacement be perfected before they'll even consider stopping the poisoning of themselves and their loved ones.

Do they even realize how totally insane this is?

Only addicts fail to realize it, and act on it. How addicted are the statists you know?

Of course, it will be labeled "Miracle Cure. 100% Safe!"


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Thank you! Followed

I don't really know any statists, but I've argued with a couple anarchist communist and their answer to simple, straight forward, basic question, is "read this long book, and then this other one" and flipping through said book you'll inevitably run over the part where their hate for the rich comes to the "necessity" of robbing the rich, invalidating the non-aggression principle, the about only principle that anarchy has as everything is derived from self-ownership/non-aggression. As for statists and their arguments, when I'd see someone bring up the point that we need to go back to the good old days of government, and I ask how they rationalize granting others powers that they themselves don't have, and if they cannot is it not absurd to "do" such thing, but they have never said anything when I've asked them anything so blunt and straightfroward as "how can you delegate powers you don't have onto others".


You don't know any statists? Almost everyone I know is a statist. A statist is a person who believes governing others to be a legitimate human endeavor- and almost everyone I know believes that.


I guess I don't associate with statists :D


Lucky you!
Although, they can be amusing-- just to watch their little red faces when you point out their inconsistencies and twisted "ethics".