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How many times have you been minding your own business, just talking to other liberty lovers, when some statist troll pops up and says: "Show me how your imaginary anarchist society will work!" or some other version of "It can't work!"

It happens to me all the time.

But, when I direct them to this blog, to my books, to my Dispatches from Libertopia blog, and to my website, they whine that they don't want to read all that stuff. They won't even bother to watch simple videos! It's "too much" or not what they wanted to hear.

They don't want links that would require them to lift a finger. Clicking is hard! And they might have to think!

Nope, they want to be spoonfed. They want everything to be written anew, just for them. And, of course, they won't listen anyway, because they really just want to whine.


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Silly libertarian with your crazy belief of freedom and individual liberty.Why can't you be happy with our debt based monetary system filled with warmongering lying politicians and most people being put into cages for victimless crimes?

For real!
I'm also bothered that a local cop (we "only" have 3 of the vermin) just caused a wreck with injuries when he pulled a U-turn, trying to catch, molest, and rob a "speeder" here in town. I expect him to pay restitution for the harm he caused while trying to commit an act of enforcement-- paid out of his own pocket (it should be out of his severance pay, since he should lose his gang membership over this, but he won't). See how unreasonable I am?

The crazy part is that they aren't even bonded, all liability is personal, most of the corporations that are operating as police don't have a commercial bond backing them up and they all overstepped their own charters under the IMF, not to mention that the parent company UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc was bankrupt a few years back.

Ah, this bunch of baby spoon-fed millennials!

Unfortunately, some of the worst are "baby boomers". No generation has a monopoly on it.

So glad to see you say that.

The millennial hate is getting ridiculous these days. As if the 21st century has some kind of Monopoly on twenty-somethings ... or for that matter, as if the 20-somethings of every other generation were all sooooo unfailingly competent and mature. Lord knows 21-year-olds in the 80s (or 70s. Or 20s) never did, wore or said stupid shit, right? 😒