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I believe in reducing unnecessary misery. That's why I don't want you violated even if I was violated in the same way in the past.

This is a HUGE stumbling block for so many people.

They were forced to get up painfully early to go to school under the pretense of "education", so everyone else must suffer the same indignity.
They were robbed using the excuse of "Social Security", so now it's everyone else's turn to be robbed for the same excuse.
They have lowered themselves to be licensed by The State to do various things humans have a right to do, so everyone else must do the same.
They (or their forebears) "immigrated legally" (or, more likely, before there was any such silly concept as "illegal immigration") so everyone else should be forced to jump through the same hoops.

Seriously, if I thought that way I would say that because I lost my daughter, everyone else should be forced to suffer the same agony. If that's not evil, I don't know what is.

Reduce the misery in the world; don't perpetuate it. Don't share it. Don't demand it.


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Thanks for your post. (I apologize for the slow reply; this was one of those things that got lost among dozens of tabs until I just rediscovered it tonight.) Not desiring retribution of those that have wronged me is something I find myself often struggling with. Some things I can shrug off quite easily, especially of the offender asks for forgiveness. Others, I don't know if I could forgive them even if they begged for it. I know that's not a healthy attitude for either my mind or my eternal soul, so I need to toughen up and get over it somehow. But, well, it's tough.

(Pardon for not going into details, but I'm trying to keep my Nocturnal identity and my real identity separate. Suffice it to say one particular thing had a quite disastrous impact on my family's finances and our marriage itself was touch-and-go there for a while.)

i love read the post...great one

love to read it .........

My mother in law says we should make a calendar. To include a couple of your posts would be hilarious.

While we're all trying to be Abraham, necessarily everyone else are the Giliads. (Or, death to everyone not exactly like me).

Damn, man. I have a daughter, can't imagine how that must feel. So sorry.


It hurts just about every day, but I try not to dwell on it or let it make me into a sad, miserable person. You might also want to read this link


Thanks for the link and insight. I'll bet that was difficult to write. Kudos for doing so.


Well I have a new level of respect. I wonder what she would have been had she stayed under your care.

I lost my son in a legal battle I clearly wasn't able to win. Now I just photograph other people's kids. Turns out for me they're as special as my own. The blog you've built is clearly your emanation, its the egg re-nurtered. Glad you picked this instead of a registered company.


That guy's mom wrote me on FB not long after the wreck. And his wife writes occasionally, and says she reads my blog daily. Maybe it can make a difference somehow.


There are so many kids. My wife's grandmother said that everyone was a 10. an 8 in one field, and a 2 in another. Maybe the trick is to find the beauty in each and for us to forget about bloodlines. I don't know. At some point they all figure out we're just making this up as we go along.

I want to share with you this excerpt from the tragic novel by Victor Hugo
I, gentlemen, are not those who believe that pain can be removed from this world. But I am among those who believe and affirm that we can eradicate misery. Note carefully, gentlemen, that I am not saying that it should be mitigated, minimized or limited. (But) I say eliminate it. Poverty is the disease of the social body just like leprosy, the disease that has afflicted the human body. The misery can disappear as leprosy disappears. Eliminate misery! Yes, this is possible! Legislators and governors must think about it relentlessly. In an important case, as far as the act is not possible, the duty remains deficient


All legislators and governors can do is increase misery and poverty. Poverty can be reduced by a huge amount by getting out of the way of those who seek to create, innovate, work, and discover.


It is only right for you to steal the simple livelihood of legislators and decision-makers
In a healthy time, saying, "The rich is getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer