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in liberty •  9 months ago


A Prime Archator is a person who is at the top of a government, especially a national government.

This includes presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens, tsars, or any other such positions which rely on the belief in political "authority".

These are the people who instruct others to archate on behalf of the State.

I suppose you could have minor Prime Archators, too. Mayors, police chiefs, and the head of other gangs which live by archation could be Prime Archators in their limited realm.

It's bad enough to be an archator. It's orders of magnitude worse to be a Prime Archator.


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I agree with you. You said right.
The government is proud of the responsibility of each country.

this is probably the new word but it completely justifies its mean in real life

archator's are everywhere, from the college Dean to the people who preach political authority. If something is to be forced on a person than it violates our personal preference and freedom. It's bad to be an archator but it gives the archator a sense of greatness over others. And the feeling of greatness over shadows the feeling of doing something wrong.

@dullhawk to always point out so many issues and that are affecting our world in many ways ..... If we don't manage all this issues then soon humanity will die ....

Authorities are made so that they check whether everything is going properly or not they basically manage and take a look whether everything is going fine or not.... They should work for the betterment of society uplifting and carrying out proper working ..... @dullhawk you always make valid points with your article

@dullhawk, they are everywhere.

They live among us.

I agree with you