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in liberty •  9 months ago


I am not a pragmatist.

I don't think pragmatism can ever justify archation.

However, if I can convince a person that archation isn't pragmatic, and this convinces him to avoid archation, it's a tool I am willing to use.

Isn't that rather pragmatic of me?


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Thanks for the wonderful theme about pragmatism

Pragmatic is an indispensable tool

Pragmatism is always a tool to use when you are planning to do something. Definitely, your pragmatism is worth it.

very informative blog....

Good info&blog

It is an indispensable tool

Progressive themselves a jaw think, but their someone do not like.

“It is safer to try to understand the low in the light of the high than the high in the light of the low. In doing the latter one necessarily distorts the high, whereas in doing the former one does not deprive the low of the freedom to reveal itself as fully as what it is.” ~ Leo Strauss