Politicizing climate

in liberty •  3 months ago


Some would characterize me as a "climate change denier", which I'm not.

I simply oppose the politicization of AGCC. Just as I oppose the politicization of all science, self-defense, human rights, property, and life.

Politics is evil. When you politicize anything you contaminate it and destroy the thing you politicized. Science + politics = politics.

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I feel the same about the vaccination debate. It's probably a wonderful tool; but when governments start buying it; protecting manufacturers with patents and immunity from damages; and start withholding goods and services from those who don't want to be vaccinated, then we have a problem.
If you want me to love science, stop contaminating it with politics.
If you want me to love medicine, stop contaminating it with politics.


I agree.
I'm not an "anti-vaxxer", I'm anti-mandatory anything. Let people make an informed choice.

No one should blame you for simply being rational and making up your own mind concerning climate change. I really like what you said :)

Science + Politics = Politics

So true. Because what are politics anyways? Just another tool in the tool chest to divide people. If you can rise yourself above politics you start to get a picture of what is really going on.

People are rightly skeptical of corporate-funded studies that produce findings in favor of a corporate agenda. They lose that skepticism when government-funded and interest-grou-funded studies support political agendas. This blind spot needs to be addressed.

It is hard to deny climates change. I lived in the midwest where ice age glaciers carved the landscape, and I live in the northwest where Glacial Lake Missoula sculpted the land and desposited gravel where I now live after it broke its ice dam. At least, those are the explanations provided by science for the geology here. However, it is entirely rational to question the hysteria of anthropogenic climate change catastriphe.

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