"Only government can..."

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What worthwhile thing can "only" government (by which I mean, The State) provide?


I can imagine many voluntary ways to provide anything needed and wanted. But, a free society wouldn't be limited by what I can imagine, so someone would undoubtedly come up with better solutions than I can possibly imagine.

Liberty is the Mother of Innovation.

In fact, we manage to find many of these solutions in spite of government trying to stand in the way every step of the way. Just imagine where we would be without that huge, costly roadblock.

So, keeping government around, because you believe it is necessary, is very silly.

No doubt this will result in roads being built


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The FREE MARKET produces and provides! The State on the other hand, does nothing but take...

Government maybe are not doing good..

But saying they dont do anything to absulotely nothing?
I must be close my eyes saying that..

I said they don't do anything worthwhile that can't be done voluntarily. Government does plenty. Too much.

From the government itself is not free.. Its the people make the government, if the people dont give, the government dies..

If the government give free, it is called bribe..