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in liberty •  6 months ago

...of government.

"Government is a group of people organizing to hire someone to say magic words at religious ceremonies and write on paper what the people who hired them want everyone within a claimed territory is supposed to be and do, then hiring an army of people in funny clothes with weapons to make everyone within said territory obey what the paper says or be punished with up to and including being murdered for noncompliance.
That is the definition of a terrorist organization or violent gang." ~ Anonymous

When someone is right, they are right.

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These are magical words from you sir cant get anything better,awesome post sir.

This definition just blew up my brain but I still get the sense in it which is great.

i agree with you.

thats a great defination sir,thanks a lot for sharing sir,i love your posts so much.

not a bad defination, but govt. could be baist if there are issue on personal ego and affairs with others, or show up them who i am!

Right sir @dullhawk. I agree with you.

True, i concur.

such an amazing explanation sir,great blog post,keep going,have a great day sir.

i agree with you sir,i am also not a fan for govt.

well said sir this is the best defination,and we cant get any your blog posts sir.