Non-verbal communication: government

in liberty •  2 years ago 

I can communicate so many things without words. Many nice, friendly things, without even using any standardized sign language. I know, because I've done it with people who couldn't hear and people who spoke no language in common with me. And we always managed to get the point across.

But think about how to wordlessly communicate the concept of "government"; The State.

I suppose grabbing someone by the shoulders and shaking them, or slapping their face, would work. I seriously can't see how you would make it understood that you are speaking of government without showing it is thieving and aggressive. Because that is the defining trait which changes an act into a State-like act, different from all other types of behavior.

But, then I wonder why it would be necessary to communicate such awful things to someone.

It's not voluntary; it's aggressive


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Sometimes you have to warn people, that's why :P

An average person knows about 30-40k words.

Recently, a research was published about an analysis of 10 years worth of Wall Street Journal newspapers. It reported that after removing duplicates and names, less than 20,000 unique words were used.

But non-verbal communication is estimated to encompass about 250k different facial expressions that humans can make and recognize.