Navigating around the robots

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It's your responsibility to not violate anyone's rights, but beyond that, your responsibilities aren't my business. Certainly nothing I should be lecturing you about. I can't make anyone else accept what I imagine to be their responsibilities no matter how much I might wish to.

If I'm out riding my bike it is my responsibility to not let the cars run over me. I can say it is the other drivers' responsibility to watch out for me, but where will that get me? Dead.

It seems smarter to just imagine all the cars are robotic and unaware of my presence; just moving randomly in some unpredictable way. So I'd better watch out for myself. This is what I try to get my 10 year-old daughter to understand, as well.

It's the same with the rest of life, too. I know I have the responsibility to not archate. I also realize other people have the same responsibility, but may not be aware of it. Even if the knew they might not care. They might enjoy being a mugger or a cop or a "public" [sic] school teacher [sic] and place their feelings, or the money, above their responsibility. I can either get upset that they won't live up to their responsibility, or I can accept it as it is and do my best to navigate around these mindless (from my perspective) robots. Which is likely to enhance my life more?


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I was almost hit by an oblivious driver thw other day. On the other hand, I have seen people dash across a street who seem to expect cars to stop in a way that is physically impssible because of their own personal magical pedestrian bubble of rights.

Watch out for yourself and don't be an idiot.

Why public is “”?


Because they are not public; they are government-owned and government-controlled, and financed with money stolen from the public.


I see, thanks.

Great article @dullhawk,
And this content is really imformative thank you for sharing with us

Responsibility is the most important part of our life to be a successful man, build an advanced nation everything deponds on responsibility. And liberty is the true path of a responsible nation. Thanks a lot sir @dullhawk for talking about the important topics.

Indeed, the life of each person is the responsibility of each of them. But we must have concern for others, we have ethics and moral responsibility to others as well.
Thanks @dullhawk.


Just don't expect them to be watching out for you... still keep an eye on them as if they are robots.