Liberty Butts

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It's interesting to me how committed most people are to liberty.

Liberty... but not if it means leaving people alone to do things I don't like.

Liberty... unless it means I can't control other people.

Liberty... except when people want to use their property in ways that annoy me.

Liberty... but not if some people might get hurt.

Liberty... except I claim to support both gun rights and those who violate them.

Liberty... until someone I love is on the wrong side.

Liberty... unless it means I have to face the fact that cops and the military are the bad guys.

Liberty... except I like to fly the federal flag alongside the Gadsden flag which stands for everything the federal flag is against.

Liberty... but I really like seeing "the troops" bombing those foreigners.

Liberty... until my emotions get triggered by displays of Holy Pole Quilt and patriotic songs and dead troops.

Liberty... but I like to say "Don't tread on me" while supporting those whose "job" it is to tread on me and everyone else.

Liberty... except it obviously doesn't apply to "those people" who came here from some other country without MY government's permission- or even with it if I don't like them.

Liberty... until it upsets me or shows me I'm wrong to support certain things or means I have no right to do some things I really want to do.

Liberty... but, but, but...

Are you a "Liberty butt"?

How to show you're confused about who actually does the treading

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Liberty..Unless that means we still have bosses and they make a profit from other's labor.

Too bad value is subjective, not an intrinsic measurement.

Too bad they entered in a contract otherwise known as an agreement

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