"Law people"

in liberty •  3 years ago 

Don't be "law people". I'm not even talking about lawyers, cops, judges and such- I am talking about normal, every day people who really have nothing to do with "laws", but who choose to worry about them anyway.

Those are the people who hate something and think it's wrong because it's illegal. The ones who oppose Cannabis but not aspirin, due to the different ways the "law" treats the substances.

"Law people" ask "Is that legal?" before doing something. Or, say "But that's illegal!" when someone else starts to do something.

"Law people" disgust me.

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I know, right? Every time I get on the roof of a tall building and I'm about to jump off, people say, "Don't jump!" When I tell them that it's okay and that I'm just going to fly around for a bit, they say I can't fly and that it's against the law of gravity.

Stupid law people.

I guess I'm OK then...whether or not something's legal never enters my decision making process. Is it right? Yes...is it legal? Hell no!

I always ask them to show me where I signed this 'law'