Kicking people with "laws" when they are down

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Government makes things worse.

I have a carport that was damaged when a tree blew over on it a few years ago. It got "repaired", but the roofing was damaged and I haven't been able to afford getting it fixed. The strong winds this past week have been stripping shingles off it like crazy. Yay.

There is no way I can afford to repair the roof right now. Or probably, ever. My finances are BAD. I have considered just tearing the whole thing down, but there's a problem.

The town bullies hate carports. Others have also had problems. There is an ordinance that insists that carports can only be put behind or to the side of houses. Mine is slightly in front, in an "illegal" place.

It has been "grandfathered in", and if I choose to repair the carport, I suppose they would sell me permission to do so, but if I tear it down I won't be allowed to ever put one back in the same place- and there's no other place I can fit one (I have very little space between the back of the house and the property line, not enough for a carport, even assuming I could drive into a carport behind the house). And, in this area, you need shelter for your vehicle.

So, basically government rules have made a bad situation worse and more stressful than it would otherwise be. Thanks, statists.




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wow..seems nomatter what you do the city up with the good post. btw can yo follow me thank you

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