Justification for "taxation"?

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Is taxation somehow not theft because "the government owns the land"? Statists have made this assertion, but for me it only brings up more questions.

How did the government get the land? Does it really own it, or did it simply decide it owns it?

Can I form a government today and suddenly own all the land from this moment forward, no matter who has owned it, and no matter how many generations it has been in their family? And then "tax" them based on this presumed ownership?

If not, why not? What's the difference?

Is it the belief that a collective can do things that would be wrong for an individual to do? This is nothing but a superstitious belief.

Theft is still theft. It doesn't matter where it occurs-- either at stealing the land or stealing the money from those on the land.

That statist argument fails-- as do they all.

Uncle Scam is gonna need a bigger hat


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This line of thinking is part of the reason the world has been divided up into 'countries'.
That way, governments can wave their hands over vast areas of untamed wilderness and claim they're part of a country which they have the right to control.
It also helps military recruitment. If we didn't have countries, then travelling 10,000 miles to shoot a guy who lives 10,001 miles away would make you sound like the bad guy.

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I was just thinking this today. Getting seriously angry over the idea that the government - specifically the USA gov - OWNS American citizens. No matter where we go in the world, we are still subject to US Tax (in addition to taxes from wherever we go)

I was thinking how ridiculous it is that many brothels offer better splits to prostitutes than the gov't does to it's own people. I'm not rich. Not at all.
Very lower middle class in terms of income - that said, it sickens me that the gov't taxes anyone at 40% - no matter how rich that person is.

Then don't get me started on self employment tax - you can be under the poverty line and the gov't still wants 25%. Fucking sick.

Fuck the establishment!

Don't stress yourself out too much with anger (easy to say; hard to do), because they are idiots. Evil idiots, but look at the delusional beliefs they are burdened with. Just think of them as obstacles, just like any disease or vermin, and figure out how to work around them when you can.

I love the zen logic :-)

Statism is another name for tyranny

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