I WILL "appropriate" your culture!

in liberty •  2 years ago 

I am nothing but cultural appropriation. From my head to my toes; from birth until today. I don't expect that to change and I will never feel guilty about it.

You should be proud that I value your culture enough to "appropriate" parts of it. I'm not going to copy junk.

All human ideas, inventions, and such are available for us ALL to incorporate-- or "appropriate". We are all human. We can even incorporate "culture" or whatever from other species if we want. It is your right as a sapient being. Don't let any idiot make you feel bad because they tell you otherwise. They are lying.

Appropriate away!

You have an entire planet, and hundreds of thousands of years (at least) of ideas and clothing and art to choose from. Pick the good. Reject the bad. Make yourself the best you can be.

Dare you appropriate the Crow-Magnum Man's culture?


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Exactly! If we didn't have culture appropriation, we wouldn't ever have advanced as a species! We should be excited that we have so many different ideas of clothes, beliefs, and lifestyles we can choose from and sort through.

Whew! I thought I was going to have to stop eating Mexican and Indian food!

Not on my account. LOL

Unless a white, Aussie guy like me came up with the concept of cultural appropriation, it would be cultural appropriation for me to adopt it.

Whenever someone fusses about cultural appropriation I often get annoyed. Like recently where two women's taco truck got shut down because people said they culturally appropriated their recipe from women in Mexico. Human cultures all over the world are intertwined and inspired from one another. Often claims of cultural appropriation are being getting riled up over silly things.

Yeah, the taco recipe debacle was terrible. Just so ridiculous!