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I am a libertarian because I believe in maximizing liberty and minimizing aggression.

I recognize the maximum amount of liberty requires there be no one who can violate liberty free of rightful consequences.

The minimum amount of aggression is zero.

Government is founded on aggression, violations of liberty, and theft.

Therefore I am opposed to any and all externally imposed government, which means I am an anarchist.

All externally imposed governments enslave. Slavery is something else I am vehemently against. This means I am an abolitionist.

Slavery is not voluntary. I believe every human interaction should be voluntary, and that when someone tries to force themselves on you, you have a fundamental human right to defend your life, liberty, and property from their advances. This is why I am a Voluntaryist.

I will embrace whichever of these labels for myself I want, for whatever purpose, whenever it suits me. They are interchangeable, unless you mis-define them.


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Nicely stated. Voluntarism is a newer term for me but it makes sense. I believe I actually identify with all of these labels as well. I think most people do deep down whether they have discovered it or not. It may be the answer to what many people feel is wrong with the world.

I'm more of a minarchist/Constitutionalist/Night Watchmen-type govt, not anarchist.

But you and I are on the same team, on the same bus, heading in the same direction, before I take issue with getting rid of that last bit of government!


Nicely written.
It seems that I am all of these too then :-)

We need more libertarian stuff in this platform. Upvoted and followed :)

nice story write

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