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in liberty •  11 months ago


Every human alive has the exact same rights.

If rights don't really exist, then no one has any rights, which also means no one can have the right to rule others- so no problem.

If rights do exist, then they don't depend on your IQ, your skin color, your sexual orientation, your sex/gender, where you were born, where you live now, which government enslaves and fleeces you, whether the rights are listed
on parchment, how nice you are, or any other metric- real or imagined.

Those who claim to believe rights vary depending on the rights government recognizes are confused about what rights are.


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You are so right man. Spot On, i see that some politicians like to talk about rights without understanding the context of rights in the first place.

seems to be there's a basic misunderstanding about what the word 'right' actually means.
a 'right' is not the same thing as a 'reward for effort'.
The early bird gets the worm...the sleeping bird has no 'right' to the early bird's wurms...
they both have the same 'right' to get their asses's in gear and hustle up breakfast.


Exactly! Having a right doesn't obligate someone to provide you a way to exercise it. I have a right to own and to carry a gun, but you aren't obligated to buy one for me to carry if I can't afford one- it's just that no one has the right to get in my way of doing do.


yup..and if you don't violate one has a legitimate reason to prevent you from owning or doing ANYTHING.