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The fastest way for me to become disappointed in someone I care about is for them to take a government "job". That'll do it every time.

It doesn't matter how "respectable" others believe that "job" is.
It doesn't matter if the "job" is believed to be "necessary" or "helpful".
It doesn't matter how badly you need the "job".
It doesn't matter if it's a "job" also filled in the voluntary sector.
It doesn't matter if I still like you and think you are basically a "good" person.
It doesn't matter how much (stolen) money it pays.

If you side with government to get money, I am disappointed in you.

Whether that matters or not is a separate issue altogether.


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Contract work for the government is the same thing then.

As an agorist though, I believe in bleeding the beast to death by a thousand cuts. Take back every penny you can, raise the debt as much as you can, and help it bleed out. Should we not call the fire department either? Don't use government funded roads?

It depends on the job I suppose. For example there is a big difference between the CIA and the DIA. Working as a fire fighter is better than being a cop too.

The difference between me and the other librarians is that I KNOW that I am a tax feeder. Technically, I am not a government employee, but we all know darn well where the money comes from, and every time there's a tax levy, the rest of the staff actually gets excited at the prospect of political plunder.

My excuses:

  1. My participation does not add to the total number of tax feeders
  2. I have the opportunity to be subversive and suggest truly useful books to people
  3. The service is one that would exist in basically the same form with or without government funding anyway, as opposed to something like the courts, police, and military which objectively do not serve the public

Maybe I am a bit hypocritical, but I have to cope in the world as it is even as I strive for a better world.

So, considering #3, why not go out and find (or found) a free market library to work in?

I have my ear to the ground for such an opportunity.

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