Government school IS child abuse, Chapter ... Too many to count

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People who confuse schooling for education, and those who believe that because they survived the abuse (and believe they turned out "OK"), others should have to suffer the same abuse ("to prepare them for the real world/to make them stronger"), won't like this talk: Why school should start later for teens.

Even among those who supposedly watched this video, I see them trying to use the very objections she addressed in the video! That's how deep the indoctrination is. They simply can't comprehend anything that threatens their belief.

The evidence is growing that school hurts kids. Homework is another issue that is only an issue because people don't want to let go of an institution that they have been led to believe is "necessary", "helpful", and "useful". Just like past forms of slavery. Let it go already.

There is no such thing as "public education". There is "public schooling"-- more honestly known as government schooling-- and there is education. The two are not connected except by accident in rare cases.

Even the tired old excuse of "socialization" is a lie. Government schooling doesn't "socialize" kids, it anti-socializes them. Go to any government school, watch the kids between classes, and tell me which of the behaviors you witness there you think my kid needs to copy and wouldn't otherwise learn. I'll wait for a sensible answer.

Death to kinderprison!



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Exactly. Homeschooling may not be for good everyone but public schooling isn't for the good of anyone. Simply a system of control indoctrination. The simple fact that's it's "free" and simultaneously compulsory should give a hint of how terrible it really is.

I have always thought that. Public (or even private) schools are a form of abuse. Kids and adolescents are kept against their will inside a building, where they are at the mercy of the administration and are presented versions of facts and theories, 99% of which won't be of any real use to them other them to look better than their peers in the off chance that they are good at logical thinking. There are so many ways of doing this education thing better that it makes me sad no form of alternative education is popular where I live.

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