Government not designed to help

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(My Eastern New Mexico News column from May 9, 2018- posted in its entirety now that the paper's exclusivity has expired)


How can anyone watch every form of government fail, over 5000-plus years of history, and still have faith it can work if done right; if the right constitution is enacted; if the right people are given power?

Not only do they keep the faith as it fails, but some want to give government even more power over our lives. Enough is enough!

Government is powerless to help, but is specially suited to harm.

People act surprised when the true nature of politician after politician is revealed, but what kind of person do they imagine seeks to have power over the lives of others?

Those who make up government crave power. It's why they sought the job. For their victims to clamor to give them more power-- before such power is taken by force-- makes no sense.

Even if you imagine the true purpose of government is to protect your life, liberty, and property from others, so as to free you to pursue happiness, you're trusting your protection to those most likely to be the ones you need protection from.

No government has ever protected life, liberty, or property when it meant scaling back its own power.

Expecting government to do so is like hopping in your family SUV expecting to drive it to Alpha Centauri. That's not what it was designed to do, and not in the realm of possibility, no matter how much you wish it were.

As has been pointed out, without government some people might choose to rob and kill; with government it's guaranteed. Since the robbing and killing is then done "legally", it must be OK in most people's eyes. Not in mine, however.

It's not right to take property from others. Calling it taxation, property codes, or eminent domain doesn't change wrong into right.

It's not right to pretend you have the right to tell people what they can ingest, whether they are allowed to run a business, drive a car, carry a gun, or any of the other things people calling themselves government regulate, nor is it right to require licenses or permits to do those things. It's wrong to use violence against anyone who ignores such rules. It's also wrong to support those rules from the sidelines.

I don't know what the future holds. Perhaps we stand on the verge of a new Dark Age, where government "helps" people into a benevolent slavery "for their own good". In such case, I may be on the losing side, but not the wrong one.


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The true problem can be seen in the following statist symptom: When you explain why government is invalid and immoral (which can be done in the most obvious and irrefutable way within the span of 10 seconds) they reply by citing how much it’s “needed”.

So right iff the bat we have distegard for morality and logic (therefore truth), and an inability to follow a thread of thought. Need does not address validity or morality AT ALL - not even a little. Total toddler-like brain fail.

Plus, of course, it’s not even true because government doesn’t aid any of the needs they’re worried about (as you’ve said above).

But the inability and/or unwillingness to THINK clearly is the whole problem. Statists are staggeringly bewildered. It’s a miracle that they can do anything without killing themselves - that’s the level of abject brain-fuck we’re talking about.

This bizarre discrepancy could not occur naturally. A small child is bad at stairs, but equally bad at everything else. As it gets smarter, it gets smarter across the board. A person cannot be a successful engineer, but be unable to figure out how to tie his shoes - unless there was something unnatural at play. A purposefully-imposed blind spot, put there by coordinated and relentless mind control.

Then a genius in physics - or even philosophy - can be unable to comprehend “taxation is theft” when it’s exactly theft, without any significant obscuring qualities. Yeah, the stolen money is used (in part) for overpriced, inefficient services - but so what? That happens after it’s stolen. This is a childlike inability to discern - like not recognizing your dad because he’s wearing a hat.

This is largely what I’ve been trying to address in my posts as well - thank you for speaking the message of truth.

The Forgery of Truth

Governments are designed for distruction.

Governments are discusting,they are not for the people.

Those in government are there to help themselves and not the people they are supposed to serve. Any form of "government" will never work!

well government is designed for construction but the people ruling is ruining it.


What makes you think it was designed for construction? What evidence supports your belief?