"Flat Earth"? No

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No, the Earth is NOT flat.

Even if government recognizes the reality, it doesn't change that reality. After all, government schools generally recognize that 2+2=4. Are you going to reject that, too? If so, you are letting government dictate your beliefs, by adopting the opposite position just to be contrary, in spite of the evidence of reality.

NASA didn't come up with the idea of a (roughly) spherical planet; that idea predates NASA (or any government in existence) by thousands of years-- and was discovered and measured by regular people who were able to think outside the box and do experiments for themselves to test their ideas.

You don't look edgy, clever, or "awake" by falling for the "flat Earth" scam.

Just do some experiments-- both physical and thought experiments-- and see that "flat Earth" doesn't hold up. It is internally inconsistent. Just look at their complicated explanations of day and night, and the seasons differing between the opposite sides of the equator, and linear distance comparisons north and south versus east and west far from the axis of a "flat Earth". Everything they believe (if they actually do believe any of this) falls apart if you can work out for yourself anything about how reality fits together and how the Universe works.

I can't believe otherwise smart people are still falling for this after it gained attention again a few years ago. I guess this gullibility explains why statism is still the world's most popular religion.

It is also an illustration of how badly the State fails when it is allowed to control "education" through schooling. If you don't explain how to figure out reality, measuring it and working things out for yourself, but instead just state "This is how it is, accept it", then people unable to think for themselves will fall for trash like this "flat Earth" stuff.



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I tried, really hard, to suspend disbelief for an hour. I couldn't do it. The official denial is not always an admission. If the government denies that it is a cigar, sometimes it's still not a cigar.

Wait! Are you telling me the Earth isn't flat @dullhawk? But it made feel special that our own planet was the only flat one in the universe!

It does explain how Antarctica receives months of daylight non-stop but hurts my center of the universe complex
(fighting to keep sarcasm alive:)

I used to deal with those flat earth knuckleheads on a regular basis for a few months. It really gives one a good feel on how the conspiratorial view works and how it screws up reasonable and logical thinking. For the most part it is an offshoot of hyper biblical literalism.

I think one problem though is that if these people are able to be convinced the earth is flat they don't know enough science to go out and perform any experiments that seem convincing for them. If they were willing to commit the time and effort to prove or understand the science, they wouldn't think it was flat in the first place.