Evil in the pew

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If you attended a church where an admitted serial killer often showed up, or even attended faithfully, with no intention of ending his murderous hobby and no admission he did anything wrong by murdering, would you speak up?

Would you find the church leadership credible if they didn't point out the guy's evil ways?

Would you continue to attend this church?

How can church attendees sit approvingly, or at least silently, while cops attend? At the very least they should be asking them to repent and police no more.

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There should be an effort on the part of the good people to guide the misguided people and to speak up to them.

I have sometimes considered going to a church and interrupting the sermon to tear down flags and preach against the statist idolatry that permeates the place.


You have committed your sin, confession and regret thus you came to here, if you continue with your sin and going bad thing thats your wrost of mind.

The irony of this generation is we have guided misiles but misguided men.

Personally, I can't recall the last time i attended a church. So, those questions are pretty much out of my scope to answer. Some of these cops even have reputable positions in churches and do collect blessings from their pastors or priests lol

I haven't attended church in 25 or so years. But I have family members who do, and they attend right beside cops who are never asked to repent. In fact, they are treated as heroes. Disgusting.

Everyone has the right to go to seek God, to hear his word, sooner rather than later Christ will touch the heart of that person and will repent of their sins. It is not us who should judge them.

So, you wouldn't tell a rapist who brags about being a rapist that he should stop raping?
It's not a matter of judging, it's a matter of seeming to approve of great evil.

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