"Everyone else does it..."

in #liberty5 years ago

Is it OK to do wrong, just because other people do?

Maybe for you, but not for me. I live by the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP), whether you do or not. It doesn't matter, and your choice doesn't affect mine. The ZAP is a promise from me to you about how I will interact with you; to tell you what to expect. It doesn't obligate you.

If you choose to initiate force or violate my property, you might also take my adherence to the ZAP as a warning.

But, just because most other people choose to initiate force and violate private property-- either in person or by sending bullies to do it on their behalf-- I had better just suck it up and become the same as they are. Right?

Liberty has an uphill battle for certain. Until people actually understand the issues, they'll keep straying off-course in the same sad ways. "Statism is bad... unless it is doing something I want it to do, then you have to go along. Pay your taxes, have your property rights violated in the name of National Borders and such. You might allow people on your property who I don't like. It's for your own good, and anarchy is Utopian, and no one really lives that way. Etc. etc. etc."

It's almost enough to make a guy say "Screw it, Just go with the crowd. Eat babies, or whatever, because everyone else says it is necessary, and no one else will ever agree with you that it's wrong."

Almost... but not quite.