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Smart people, and those who imagine themselves to be smart, tend to be authoritarian.

That's because they believe they know what's best for you.

They see nothing wrong with forcing their ideas on you, however they can. Including through the guns of government. They see themselves as the Elite, better than the rest. Better than you and me.

They mistake "smarter than" for "better than"; "more kindly and understanding than".

They are nothing but bullies. Instead of being physically bigger and stronger like the playground bullies, they are (perhaps) mentally bigger and stronger, and they use this to beat up on others who are at a disadvantage.

Oh, they'll believe they are doing it for your own good. Which means they aren't as smart as they imagine themselves to be.

It would be nice if these smart people were smart enough to leave people alone to make, and learn from, their own mistakes. And smart enough to know where their rights end and the other person's rights begin. But that would undercut their feelings of superiority, and they can't allow that to happen.


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Actually, a group composed of the smartest of the smart, the Triple Nine Society, conducted a survey of its members and found that most wanted minimal government involvement in a wide spectrum of topics.


Too bad there wasn't a choice for no taxation, or no regulation.


He wrote "imagined." :) They think they're smart. Some of the people are indeed very smart, but we need people who are both smart AND ethical.


I believe the mostly smart are the real problem. Smart enough to be arrogant they they "know stuff", but not smart enough to be humble and respect liberty. The Truly Smart don't meddle or control.

Fear the expert in things that are wrong, especially when he claims political AUTHORITAH!


Those who believe in political "authority" are just superstitious idiots, no matter their IQ.


You can't tell me what to do! ha ha


I can most certainly tell you what to do! You just don't have to obey.


surely, everyone want to be the smart one

Your article is really good, I've just upvoted and resteemed it... Wonderful words, thank you...

A lot of supposed smart people are seriously lacking in emotional intelligence too.

They learned this at school. (Post past payout.)