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I am not disagreeable. Really.

I don't go out of my way to find things to disagree with. I even try to avoid situations where people will be parroting things I'll disagree with. I want to get along with people, even if I'm not good at "going along to get along".

But, if-- in spite of my efforts-- I hear or see someone advocating rape or mass murder, should I spare their delicate little feelings by remaining silent?

What if they don't believe they are advocating such horrors? Should I avoid pointing out that is exactly what they are advocating by supporting government or cops?

I don't like disagreeing with people, but it's better than agreeing with them when they are being horrible. In that case, I wouldn't respect myself. So, if I seem disagreeable, it might be a good time to look in the mirror and notice what you are advocating. It might be that you are supporting disagreeable things which good people must disagree with.


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The "government" or cops support rape? How so? Mass murder is the regular function of all governments throughout history, but I do not see a logical connection to rape. Rape seems more tied to sports culture, porn, or even religion. I support logic and reason, so I would like to hear how you came to "Government supports rape" as a general concept. I admit that some governments have formed rape squads, but that's not the norm.


When cops probe a woman's vagina with their fingers (for around 20 minutes, if I remember correctly), as those two cops did near Houston, Texas recently, that's rape. It doesn't matter that they claimed to be "looking for drugs". And this happens all the time- sometimes committed by "helpful" hospital employees at the direction of the police- and by extension, government. Government stands behind them as long as they are enforcing prohibition.

The same sort of rapes also happen at the hands of TSA (Terrorist Support Administration) goons at airports. "Enhanced screening" they call it. Also approved and encouraged by their government bosses.

It helps if you remember rape isn't about sex- it is about domination and humiliation. Government supports and encourages rape all the time, in one form or another.


You should clarify. Rape and Sexual Assault are different things, you did not describe rape. It's probably not as apparent to me as I am a man and could never actually be raped. Drug prohibition is a mess, you're dead on about that. I see the laws themselves as being illegal. Murder, Rape, J-Walking are all behaviors; possession is not an "action" or a behavior, ergo it cannot be illegal under most definitions.


I don't worry much about how The State defines things, because they have their agenda. If you penetrate a woman's bodily orifices against her will, it is rape regardless of what the State calls it. For that matter, it's the same if you do it to a man.
Yeah, almost all "laws" are counterfeit "laws".