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Do I dislike criticism? That depends whether it is valid criticism. And yes, I'm going to put it to the test.

I dislike dishonest criticism. I dislike dumb criticism, ignorant criticism, and criticism that's "too clever" for its own good. Criticism from people who rely on magic words and belief in the political process. What I really dislike is criticism that misses the mark because the person doesn't know what they are talking about and doesn't bother to get informed before criticizing. If you criticize me in this way, I won't take you seriously.

It's hard work to get informed so you can criticize sensibly. You might even have to read just about everything I've written over 11+ years to criticize credibly, and most don't want to bother.

As an example, someone (who started off by saying he knows I don't like criticism) went into a thing about how the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle) isn't a good moral principle for this or that reason.

He obviously hasn't bothered to get informed of my opinion on the NAP, the ZAP, morals, or principles. Things I write are often heavily hyperlinked for a reason. And those who criticize me based on their belief in some statist superstition aren't going to be taken seriously, either.

I have changed some of my views, opinions, and approaches over the years based on good, informed criticism. Sometimes I'm just flat-out wrong and I can see it when someone points it out. But often the person criticizing doesn't have a clue what they are talking about, and will either get ignored, scolded, or laughed at.


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How do you get so many pointless replies from people who obviously didn't read the post at all?

Great one sir about criticism you have answered every thing for those critics.

We always choose blind criticism as we create problems but some few mans always saying about good informed criticism thats helpful for ours and ours society. Thanks sir @dullhawk for the valuable post about criticism.

awesome blog post sir the way you address this issue is really awesome,keep posting sir.


Your comment lacks substance, and would be better if it offered some direct connection to the topic in the original post.

Thank you for shring mr @dullhawk

Informative post @dullhawk so thanks for blog...


Make substantive comments. Don't use comment bots.

Amazing stuff sir great one sir,thanks a lot sir for sharing.keep going sir there is lot i have learned from your blogs.

Very informative posts sir its a great reply for critics thanks a lot sir.

Awesome work sir as a fan of your blog posts i love everything here.

Thanks for sharing Mr @dullhawk