"Collective punishment"

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I find the practice of "collective punishment" to be disgusting. It's the lazy bully's way. The coward's way.

For that matter, I'm not a fan of punishment at all, much preferring justice, but collective punishment is all about punishing the innocent along with the guilty. It's "collateral damage".

If the kinderprison teacher doesn't know who is guilty of some offense (real or imagined) he'll just punish the whole class. This is an extremely common practice in government schools and similar places. I think the lesson this teaches is different than the one authoritarians might imagine.

Just because some people use guns while they archate, all gun owners will be punished (higher prices, government fees, red tape, prohibitions, etc.). Which, in the long run, gives the bad guys an advantage.

Just because some drug users harm people, all drugs must be regulated, and anyone using them outside the State's limits will be punished, regardless of harm done.

Almost all Statism has collective punishment at its foundation.

The weaker someone's position and less legitimate someone's power is, the more they rely on collective punishment.

If you can't let go of punishment, at least stop supporting collective punishment of any sort. Collective punishment is never right.



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I am not an advocate for international law, but even enough of the global statists believe in the unethical nature of collective punishments to get it into international law. Under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, collective punishments are a war crime.

I have discussed it in relation to the ideas of reparations for slavery. Forcing people who are alive now to pay for what a dead person did is collective punishment and is a war crime, pure and simple.

This also applies to the remaining population after any war. Individuals own the guilt of individual actions even in war, groups can not pay for the actions of individuals, whether they be Jews, Germans, male, female, short, tall, or really, anyone who happens to get lumped into a group.

I have heard religious people talk about the sins of the father.

My friend's grandfather is from Ukraine he says, historically, their village would, if a member was convicted of a serious enough crime, the family name was changed to the same word as the crime.

Collective punishment takes many forms. How about the statement that every living human can be healthy on any given diet?

There can not be such a thing as collective treatment including guilt. for any individual condition.