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in liberty •  11 months ago


It's not that hard to not be at war. I'm not at war with people I've never met on the other side of the planet, and can't see any reason to be. Why can't others be as civilized? Is the mental disorder of Statism so powerful that it creates the desire for death and destruction on this monumental scale? Is it really that hard to resist?

If governing idiots would leave me alone, I wouldn't feel any need to fight back for my liberty, either. If we are at war, it is 100% their fault.

I don't seek to control others, why can't others be the same? It's not hard for me to stay out of other people's business and let them make their own decisions-- and their own mistakes. So why is this so hard for so many?

What is different about me? Sometimes I feel like I'm a separate species.


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war can't be a solution

Peace is the best option for any dispute. Dispute can be handled by talks and finding a solution to the problem. Fight is not always the best solution.... Nice blog @dullhawk


The only time violence is the answer is when the aggressor won't respond to peace and reason. Sometimes, in that case, it is sad, but you are forced to use violence to stop them from harming the innocent. But self defense is never wrong.