The EPA Illegal Experiments on Humans

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I posted this on the now defunct anti-aggressionleague in 2016 and have forgotten about it since moving to Quora in 2019.

The EPA conducted experiments that violated U.S. Common Rule (40 CFR part 26) and the Nuremberg Code.

Lawsuit filed against the EPA for immoral human experimentation

On the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, the EPA conducted experiments in which they exposed human participants to lethal air pollutants, WITHOUT THEIR INFORMED CONSENT, at levels about 90 to 135 times the average environmental exposure of the general population, including a particularly lethal pollutant called particulate Matter 2.5, which according the EPA's own assessment can kill people within hours of exposure. These experiments were conducted with the approval of a UNC Biomedical IRB.

'Since at least 2004, EPA physicians have been intentionally exposing human beings to various forms of concentrated airborne particulate matter (PM), including diesel exhaust, at an EPA laboratory at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine (UNC). The diesel exhaust is generated by idling a diesel truck with its exhaust pipe located right under the air intake for the exposure chamber. The university not only houses the EPA facility, but also provides on a contract basis the mandatory institutional review board (IRB) intended to serve as the last line of defense for human study subjects.'

During the contested experiments, Schnare said, participants entered a glass chamber and inhaled a pollutant called PM2.5 that was pumped inside. He added that the experiments were performed on unhealthy people — including obese and asthmatic participants — because they are more susceptible to the effects.'

As usual, we cannot expect unscrupulous bureaucrats to be held accountable for their crimes. This is an all too common theme in our political landscape and one that will not cease anytime soon.

In the 10 years since these experiments were disclosed to the public, receiving no traction in MSM, nothing has fundamentally changed. In fact, the EPA has continued to falsify risk assessments for hazardous and often carcinogenic chemicals and carry water for glyphosate herbicide producer Monsanto Bayer.

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