AI Confabulations are Turning Libelous (Part 2)

in #liberty3 months ago

One of the many reasons I back up my content to Steemit and an external drive is that the definition of “misinformation/disinformation” CISA, tech conglomerates and their academic/NGO front groups use extends well beyond false and misleading information into anything that doesn’t fit their dogmatic narrative, undermines trust in institutions they control and threatens their precious profit margins; evidence offered is no defense if they decide it fits those other criteria. Alphabet Inc. has provided us yet another example of this by threatening the gate keeping establishment site Naked Capitalism with demonetization for among other things publishing links to scientific literature in peer reviewed journals like JAMA that document the rapid waning of booster induced immunity to SARS-COV-2 across several observational studies. Google’s AI misinformation bot slapped the label “antivaccination” on the link making it clear that “misinformation” has much more to do with what does and does not reinforce their class interests and less to do with the truth. The JAMA meta-analysis of 40 different observational studies appears in my own answer which Google would probably consider disinformation despite simply summarizing the findings of 150 studies 97 of which are peer-reviewed. Google’s “Misinformation” AI also flagged a link to a matched cohort study (n = 267,847), published in the American Public Health Association Journal, that found that previously infected persons had a lower infection rate (2.9%) than virus naive vaccine recipients (6.7%) 6 months after their respective immunization event albeit with a 24% higher Emergency Department visit rate for pre-omicron variants. Google’s AI flagged this as “antivaccination”, “harmful health claims” and “hateful content”. Once again evidence is no defense of your content’s veracity when it's in contempt of carefully scripted Big Pharma narratives. Beyond seemingly mild criticisms of lockdowns, mandates and indemnity for modRNA manufacturers being labeled “harmful health claims”, “antivaccination” or “hateful” the bot also labeled a comment about Trump’s success being a blowback as “demonstrably false democratic process.”

Racket News: Meet the AI Censored? Naked Capitalism

Even credentialed scientists who conduct honest research are smeared as misinformation spreaders if their findings don’t conform to the dogmatic narrative of pharma stooges. Self-proclaimed “misinformation expert” Allison Nietzel who runs, or perhaps use to run, Misinformation Kills, spent the past few years smearing Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance for their honest work on ivermectin including a systematic review of its efficacy against COVID19 that they published in American Journal of Therapeutics, which I used as a reference for my post Ivermectin as a COVID19 Prophylaxis. This so-called "misinformation expert” accused them of fraud and grifting without evidence and likely only retracted these statements recently to avoid litigation.

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