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RE: My Wife's Problem with Libertarianism's "Deregulate Everything": Here's My Response

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The problem is that regulations have never stopped anything.

Has gun laws ever stopped gun crime or murders?
A criminal is going to do crimes.
A con man is going to con.

And regulators are going to reg... no, they are going to fine as many people as possible. Destroying small business, and cozying up to big business.

Regulators have never stopped the "polluting of the lake".
What happens is that company B, that everyone could move to is stopped from ever forming "because regulations" so that you can't vote with your dollars.

Further, even if the regulators were honest and forthright, the rarely can stop the polluting of the lake. They only find it has been polluted, and fine the company. And, if it is profitable, the company continues doing the polluting.

And, the regulators are usually dishonest and in league with the polluters, or even worse, are the polluters themselves.

Actual incidents are the river that was turned orange by the regulators.
Wells Fargo that is still in business after stealing tons from its customers.
Gold and Silver price rigging, still, after it has been thoroughly exposed.

Yes, regulation would be nice... but it doesn't work.
Those who would follow it, don't need the regulations.
Those who would break it, would break it.


Good point, I almost forgot that sometimes, it's the regulators who cause the lake issue...

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