I Am a Little 'l' Libertarian - Here's Why

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The big error of the libertarian party is that, instead of promoting civility, they embrace degeneracy. I have spent a lot of time working with the Libertarian party here in Texas, but have moved more to the republicans, because of the clear degeneracy in every level of libertarian leadership. They embrace people from all walks of life, and that is great, but I don't want a satanist as a precinct chair thank you very much. While the Republicans do a piss poor job promoting liberty at a national scale, getting involved in local elections can change the party in big ways. Almost all of the republican precinct chairs, and board members in Houston, are libertarians that hate the libertarian party, and have adjusted to the party that generally shares their values, that actually has a platform.

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If the Satanist adheres to the NAP and property rights, then what does it matter who or what they pray to?

I don't think it is beneficial to the moral standing of the movement, or the party. I'm not saying it matters in a moral sense, but in a political sense it certainly does. Libertarians are unified under the belief that violence shouldn't be used to impose will, but that doesn't mean that a social order isn't essential to a society. We should still have negative opinions, and not vote for people who host disturbing ideologies, and we should especially recognize them as a detriment to a political movement. Classiness always wins.

Fair point, votes are also free market. If enough voters don’t want a Satanist they won’t vote. It really shouldn’t matter, but the blue-hairs ain’t ready yet

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It’s great that you try to engage with them. The term ‘libertarian’ gets used by people who have wildly different beliefs, so how do you describe your approach/version?


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My approach is that libertarians should be unified under the principles of the NAP, and that government is inherently a violent agency, but should still maintain social standards. People should not be forced by government to behave in certain ways, but should be encouraged by social pressure.