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RE: Exploitation

After the new hardfork, everyone got a free downvote mana. That is why I started to follow @spt-skillup downvote trail. You got that downvote presumably because you have used upvote bots for your article and that is considered as a bad action by downvoters. So if you want to not get these donwvotes, stop using upvote bots. You got your tokens back and the post is un-voted by me. Have a great day.


Nice, but i'm delegating steem-power to @tipu so if he upvotes my blogs it's a problem?

Hope that this will be solved for the Future of #steemit 'cause this up-down-vote it will be not healthy for this spectrum.

As I do not want to think about the morality of upvote bots, I stopped following the downvote trail. There were always people who considered using upvote bots as something immoral and bad. Now with the free downvote mana, many cleaning services appeared. Delegating SP and getting upvoted by a bot is presumably something that some people do not like to see. So be prepared to have your posts disliked. Possible solution is to stop delegating and just use your SP. The users should distribute the rewards, not some bots. The idea of Steem is that users motivate those who produce great articles, not motivate those who produce bad posts and downvote those who produce malicious stuff. Using bots hurt Steem in the long-term and that is, of course, something that others do not like to see.

Is there something that forces you to be against my blogs? Do you have something against my art/music?

I do not know your blogs. That is all I can say. Is there any other problem that I am causing to u?

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