All well developed belief systems should have arguments for and against major issues.

It seems to me that Libertarians need to limit dogmatic stands and concentrate on arguments.

The pro-life argument is very strong. We need to protect the liberty of everyone. Killing a person, as in abortion, is the ultimate denial of liberty.

The political question is: How should the state deal with abortion?

How much effort should the state spend on stopping abortion?

When one delves into the second question, one starts seeing the complexity of the issue.

The goal at this point in time is to argue in favor of life but to recognize that we can't stop this problem with the state.

BTW, we also need to discuss issues like embryonic research and the abuses of the fertility industry. The fertility industry creates and destroys embryos as a product. In many ways it is worse than abortion.

Anyway, a well developed political philosophy should have arguments for and against any issues.

Radical pro-lifers and radical pro-choicers do not have well developed system of arguments. The result is unending conflict.

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