Economics in One Image

in #libertarian5 years ago (edited)

Typically I do not write posts in English.

On this cloudy wednesday evening, though, I would like to make an exception to that rule and share a video with you that I have come across while adding sources to one of my German articles. The video is taken from the channel of the libertarian activist James Corbett and goes into a subject that usually people can't run away fast enough..


I know, I know. Boring, right?

Not so fast!

What usually is made to seem overly complicated by economists (for a reason, as James points out), becomes surprisingly intuitive and easy when looked at it from a different angle - the angle of common sense.

Not only is it easy to develop a basic understanding of economic interactions, but when you do so, you will also realize the importance that this very subject - Economics - has on our lives, our material well-being and our freedom.

And since I don't mean to take too much attention away from our main speaker tonight, I will now step aside and let James do the talking.. Enjoy! =)

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