Don't Disparage the "Libertarian Debate Clubs", They're Valuable...

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There are some that disparage the libertarian "debate club"; but without it we would have never progressed beyond god-kings nor discovered the non-aggression principle.

And if we give it up now we give up our immune system to new bad ideas that come along like net-taxpayer-state-border force, and libertarian thought leaders backsliding into ends justify the evil means pragmatism like Molyneux and the Libertarian Socialist Caucus.

Embrace the debate club!

Its the purifying fire that makes libertarians better. We could do a better job of not immediately witch hunting and personally disparaging people that disagree on something for sure. But sacrificing the exact thing that wrought our refined ethics on the alter of political efficacy is the worst idea.

One that I would be happy to debate you on. ;D


After I saw the picture from your post my first thought was, I'd walk up to this guy, and say "you are NOT an idiot".


On the topic of not disparaging people that we disagree with, one of my favourite quotes is from Ravi Zacharias, he is a famous Christian apologist, he says when we are debating one another we have to ask ourselves whether our aim is, the winning of the person or the decimation of the person?

He went on to argue that no person should ever ridicule a person, and that if you are doing so that you have already pushed them beyond the realm of reasonable dialogue and perhaps being convinced to your point.

So are you just trying to humiliate them, ridicule and laugh at them? Or are you trying to convince them of a point you feel is valuable and valid?

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